Brieanna Robertson

Fantasy and Serendipity






Escape into the extraordinary

and find love in unexpected places.




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He was hewn from cruelty and violence.

He felt nothing, he was nothing.

He was wild, untamed, a shadow, a hand of death, a law unto himself. He had never known love. He had never felt love.


For the amaranth flower. Perfect, undying, beautiful. The only soft thing in his hardened world. The only thing he had ever held in reverence, and the only thing to ever offer him solace.

He had never faltered in his assignments as an assassin. His hand had never wavered. But that was before he’d been ordered to kidnap her. A woman of unique disposition, undaunted in the face of her adversity. A woman bearing the same name as the immortal flower he so cherished.

She could be his greatest downfall…or his greatest treasure.


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After coming home on military leave, Steele finds her sister on the brink of an arranged marriage to a nobleman said by the townspeople to be a fearsome warlock. Thrown into the chaotic affair against her will, Steele finds herself doing what she does best: having arguments with her prejudiced family and causing general disaccord as she stands up for what she believes in…

She’s also lusting after her sister’s betrothed…

Secrets are revealed and Steele takes matters into her own hands to protect the man who can set ablaze what no other has been able to touch- her heart.






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There were exactly two things I knew about shifters…
One was that they were to be feared. The other was that they ruled our cities…

In a post-apocalyptic world Reya has nothing to live for but her next fix. That changes when she is left for dead on the street and saved by a mysterious, gorgeous stranger…a shifter.  He offers her a strange choice.

Fear and self preservation have made Reya bold and brash, but how can she refuse a man who speaks of such fantastic things? And how can she resist a man whose touch is like black velvet?




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Kelly’s outlook on life is bleak. Car accident, bad break up, controlling sister — even her creative muse seems to be MIA. And she keeps having strange dreams about a sexy, winged man that seems familiar to her… 

Kelly has always written about the extraordinary, but when she suddenly finds herself saddled with a see-through, imaginary man she had created when she was a child, the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred.

Can she keep him? Prove that magic and fantasy can exist in real life? Or will the man she comes to love be torn from her forever by the self-centered world’s lack of belief?






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 Logan Savage is a man’s man. His idea of a good time has never included watching over and entertaining a bunch of kids at a summer camp. Especially when that camp happens to be full of kids with a love for mythology and medieval fantasy. In other words—a bunch of geeks. Unfortunately, in order to avoid a jail sentence for assaulting a cop, that’s exactly what he has to do. Head counselor and owner of the camp, Willow Avaris, is a nice surprise. Beautiful, fiery and sexy… Too bad she loathes his very existence. Plus, the kids are making his life a living nightmare. Could the summer get any worse?

Bravery and strength were things Logan always thought he had in spades, but as the summer goes on, and strange, surreal events take place around the camp, Logan is forced to look within himself and figure out what’s important to him. It’s safe to remain the self absorbed, shallow man he’s always been, but can he find the courage to reach inside and embrace the true warrior he was meant to be? 






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When Autumn finds a sexy, winged statue amongst her deceased uncle’s belongings, she thinks he’ll make a great decoration for her bedroom, as well as her solitary life. What she doesn’t expect is to wake up in the middle of the night and find her statue replaced by a living, breathing, gorgeous man made up of the four elements.

Gabriel’s been a statue for 500 years. He’s lost, confused, and wreaking havoc on the human realm.

In an effort to get Gabriel home, Autumn experiences adventure she’d never even dreamed about. But will they be able to survive the greatest adventure of all- falling in love?






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A Julliard graduate and former member of the Philharmonic Orchestra, Melody hasn’t played anything since her parents were killed in a tragic car accident. But when her friend buys her an old, weathered music score that seems to call to her, she is intrigued.

She knew that playing again would be a freeing feeling, but she never expected the action to open up a gateway to a world where creation and the arts are dominant and emotions are not frowned upon, but embraced. And she definitely never expected to be tossed into the living room of a muse—a man who lives and breathes music, who can calm her with a touch and make her hear symphonies.

 As Melody learns of Liron, his world, and his own loss, she begins to heal, feel whole, and find herself again. But when the connection to Melody’s world and the muse world is severed, will the music Liron inspired, as well as the power of her love, be enough to reunite them? More importantly, can Melody find the strength within herself to face the past she has been running from and do what needs to be done for the future she longs to have?