Brieanna Robertson

Fantasy and Serendipity


Stories of life and love in the real world,
and what can happen when love takes you by surprise.





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Five concert tickets won on a radio contest seem to be the perfect
solution for Alyx to get away from her abusive ex boyfriend and turn
a new page in her life. Quiet, antisocial Maxim is not the sort to
want adventure, but when his brother volunteers him to go on the trip
to the concert with Alyx and her best friend he suddenly finds his
world turned upside down, especially when it comes to the way Alyx
affects him…

Taegen is having trouble dealing with the death of her brother and
finds herself wanting to shut out the world, until she meets a
mysterious stranger who shows her that she can, in fact, still feel
something inside her wounded heart.

Thrown together in a bizarre and hilarious set of circumstances,
these five strangers come to realize the true meaning of friendship,
love and being true to oneself.


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Years ago Van Marshall, lead singer and guitarist of the metal band
Bleeding Passion, let the love of his life get away because he
lacked the courage to tell her how he felt about her. He has been
plagued by the memory of her ever since then, unable to fully commit
to another because of the love he still held for her in his heart.
Now, she is thrown unexpectedly back into his life, bringing with
her all of the feelings he has hidden inside for so long.

Because of a brutal assault, Kat Vauss hates men and trusts no one.
She is a martial arts master and devotes all of her time to her work
and her training. The only person to ever come close to her heart
was a shy, awkward boy she knew in high school who she thinks is
gone forever.

When Kat is given an assignment to shoot a DVD for Bleeding Passion,
she is not prepared for the way her body and heart react to the
sensual singer, who coincidentally helped her out of a sticky
situation some years before. His presence stirs to life dormant
feelings inside of her, but will he show her that not all men are evil and
life can still be beautiful and worth living?




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 Art student Evie Austin has spent the last several years idolizing the famous and elusive painter, Traevyn Whitelaw. After an agonizing final report on the man, who also happens to be the most private and secretive person Evie has ever tried to do research on, her professor picks her for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be Traevyn Whitelaw's apprentice for the summer.


Ecstatic, Evie knows that her summer is going to be amazing, filled with lengthy discussions on art and beautiful things with the man she admires above all others. What she doesn't expect is to get stuck taking her sullen, sarcastic, seventeen-year-old brother with her at the last minute, and she definitely doesn't expect Traevyn Whitelaw to live in an isolated Gothic mansion by the ocean. What's worse is that the man she imagined to be so cultured and refined is no more than a sinister, snarling ogre who acts like having Evie and her brother in his home is the worst intrusion imaginable... He's also the most gorgeous man Evie has ever laid eyes on.


There is more than meets the eye to the dark, brooding artist with the painful past, and spunky, outspoken Evie plans on finding out just exactly what the man is made of.



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What could be weirder than a tattoo artist who spends his summers pretending to be a medieval knight? How about a tattoo artist who spends his summers pretending to be a medieval knight handing out ultimatums in a bathroom stall?  That’s the situation Cadence finds herself in after fleeing from her overprotective brother in an attempt to make him see that she is an adult and capable of living her own life. Too bad he tracked her down like a stalker… And too bad she’d laughed at sexy Talis when he told her what he did for a living… And too bad she’d run into the men’s room to hide when she’d seen her brother coming after her.

Now, in order to stay hidden, she has to agree to travel with a roguish band of bizarre men as Talis’s squire for the summer. Not only does she think it’s absolutely ridiculous, but the way her blood burns around Talis sends off all of her warning signals. What is it about the calm, composed, devilish man that makes her want to tame her reckless existence and find out what stability is like? More importantly, can Cadence stop her pattern of self destruction, or will she miss out on the chance to win the heart of her very own paladin knight?


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Maxim is suffering from horrendous writer’s block and has a deadline for a new novel looming ominously on the horizon. When a friend tells him she is planning on writing she and her husband’s love story in script form, and then performing it as a play for his anniversary gift, he is intrigued. When she asks him to write the script, he is elated.


Nasarra takes Maxim back to the world of theatre in 1997-1998 as she tells him the detailed story of how she and her husband met and fell in love. Along the way, she teaches him a little something about his own  life, dreams, and falling in love all over again.